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 Hello, my name is Jacqueline Johnston and I'm an experienced native English language tutor currently living in South Africa. I have been teaching English online since 2023. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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Latest Reviews
tutor 12 Apr 2024
Cesar Alberto S
 It was a fantastic lesson, i enjoyed it a lot, we saw adverbs of frequency and we played a little finding out some differences on a picture. 
tutor 15 Mar 2024
Cesar Alberto S
 we saw simple future tense (will and will not) and talked about features we would like to have in our house if money would not be a problem. It was a great lesson, I like it. 
tutor 08 Mar 2024
Cesar Alberto S
 We practiced future tense (be going to) with some examples. 
tutor 01 Mar 2024
Cesar Alberto S
 It was more a speaking lesson but i liked it i could practice a little bit speaking skills and it was great. 
tutor 26 Feb 2024
Elena G
 I get pleasure from every lesson with Jacqueline! It’s always interesting, positive and diverse. Just the case when you look foward to the next lesson.  
tutor 23 Feb 2024
Cesar Alberto S
 Excellent lesson we Practiced THE simple past tense. It was cool. 
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About me - English

My name is Teacher Jay Jay!

I am 32 years old and live in South Africa.

My native language is English, but I can also speak Afrikaans fluently and I can communicate a little in Dutch.

I have my Bachelor in Teaching and carry a 150 hour Advance TEFL/TESOL Certificate.

My hobbies include spending time outside camping, walking my dogs and gardening. I am very creative and enjoy painting, pottery and doing DIY Projects.

I also enjoy spending the day reading a book, watching old movies and building puzzles, depending on my mood!

I make use of TPR and Conversational Methods, but I focus on making my lessons fun, informative and memorable whist taking into account my student's personalities and abilities.

Qualifications & Experience

Bachelor of Teaching - University of South Africa 2021

150 hour Advanced TEFL/TESOL Certificate - TEFL Universal 2023

Teaching Approach

My approach to teaching is based on my students.

I try to establish their level of competency as early on as possible and then adapt my lessons to their needs.

I identify which methods the student responds to best, whether that be CLT or TPR, I ensure that the Student Talking Time is at it's maximum with each lesson.

Communicative approach would be mostly used along with Task-based, as I believe both have a way of keeping students engaged and interested in learning to speak the language effectively rather than grammatically correct.

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