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 Hello, my name is Harmeet Kaur and I'm an experienced native Punjabi language tutor currently living in India. I have been teaching Punjabi online since 2022. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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About me - English

Hello Learners! My name is Harmeet Kaur. I am a Punjabi native speaker and tutor. I am a public speaker & professional tutor and an expert in Punjabi language. l can speak, read, write 4 languages- Punjabi, Hindi, English and Urdu. Hindi and Punjabi are my native languages and I can speak English as my second language. I am a very professional Punjabi and Hindi tutor and I am working as a private language trainer in Punjab. I will be very happy to teach you the Punjabi Language. If you want to take Gurbani Santhiya from Sri Guru Granth Sahib, I will be very happy to teach you that portion of the Sikhism.

Qualifications & Experience

I hold a master's degree in History subject from Punjab University Chandigarh, along with a B.Ed degree in teaching education (Kota University, Rajasthan). Overall, I have an extensive proven experience in teaching languages. Being a native Punjabi speaker, I have an experience teaching Punjabi Language from basic to advanced level. I have taught 32+ Students who speak Punjabi very well after my courses for Punjabi speaking and writing. I have 9 years of Punjabi language teaching experience in the classroom and 4 years of online teaching.

Currently, I am offering, reading, writing, speaking, creative writing, formal, casual, and communication courses for Punjabi language learning.

I have 250 hours of experience teaching Punjabi Languages. (Online)

Graduation From Punjab University, Chandigarh (2008)

Masters of Arts (History) Punjab University (2010)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Teacher Training Course - Kota University, Rajasthan (2012)

Teaching Approach

I believe in delivering the simplest and formal instructions for Punjabi learning. The key to learning any language is to learn, apply, and practice. I am used to applying several varied methods to different learners. I encourage students to make mistakes and then learning from these mistakes is essential. I use PowerPoint slides, reading, joining pronunciation practices, worksheets, story narration, and different activities based learning are dominant in my teaching.

We work on the basics of the Language & Conversational Approach. I will teach you with psychological method of the Language. You will feel just like a native. I will provide the best atmosphere & unique technical methods of the language.

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