Top Japanese Phrases for Tourism and Travel

Discover the top Japanese phrases for tourism and travel. Enhance your communication skills, navigate tourist attractions, and engage with locals during your trip to Japan.


Japan is a captivating destination known for its rich culture, vibrant cities, and stunning landscapes. Whether you're planning a short visit or an extended stay, knowing some useful Japanese phrases can greatly enhance your travel experience. In our short guide we will explore essential Japanese phrases for travel and tourism that will help you navigate Japan with ease and connect with locals.

Remember that the level of formality in Japanese greetings can vary based on the context and relationship between individuals. It's essential to be aware of the appropriate level of politeness when using these phrases.

Essential Japanese Phrases for Greetings:

These phrases will help you in everyday interactions and create a positive impression:

  1. こんにちは (Konnichiwa) - Hello / Good afternoon
  2. おはようございます (Ohayō gozaimasu) - Good morning
  3. こんばんは (Konbanwa) - Good evening
  4. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai) - Good night
  5. さようなら (Sayōnara) - Goodbye
  6. お元気ですか? (Ogenki desu ka?) - How are you?
  7. はじめまして (Hajimemashite) - Nice to meet you
  8. お久しぶりです (Ohisashiburi desu) - Long time no see
  9. お早うございます (Ohayō gozaimasu) - Formal Good morning
  10. ごきげんよう (Gokigen'yō) - Formal Greetings

Basic Communication

  1. 英語を話せますか? (Eigo o hanasemasu ka?) - Do you speak English?
  2. 分かりません (Wakarimasen) - I don't understand
  3. わかります (Wakarimasu) - I understand
  4. お願いします、教えてください (Onegaishimasu, oshiete kudasai) - Please, can you tell me?
  5. もう一度言ってください (Mō ichido itte kudasai) - Please say it again

Getting Around

  1. 駅はどこですか? (Eki wa doko desu ka?) - Where is the train station?
  2. バス停はどこですか? (Basutei wa doko desu ka?) - Where is the bus stop?
  3. ホテルまでの道を教えてください (Hoteru made no michi o oshiete kudasai) - Please tell me the way to the hotel
  4. タクシーを呼んでください (Takushī o yonde kudasai) - Please call a taxi
  5. レストランはありますか? (Resutoran wa arimasu ka?) - Is there a restaurant nearby?

Ordering Food:

  1. メニューを見せてください (Menyū o misete kudasai) - Please show me the menu
  2. 注文をお願いします (Chūmon o onegaishimasu) - I would like to order
  3. おいしいです (Oishii desu) - It's delicious
  4. お勧めはありますか? (Osusume wa arimasu ka?) - What do you recommend?
  5. お会計お願いします (Okaikei onegaishimasu) - The check, please


  1. 見る価値がありますか? (Miru kachi ga arimasu ka?) - Is it worth seeing?
  2. どのくらい時間がかかりますか? (Dono kurai jikan ga kakarimasu ka?) - How long does it take?
  3. どこで写真を撮れますか? (Doko de shashin o toremasu ka?) - Where can I take photos?
  4. 入場料はいくらですか? (Nyūjōryō wa ikura desu ka?) - How much is the entrance fee?
  5. ガイドブックをお借りできますか? (Gaido bukku o okaridekimasu ka?) - Can I borrow a guidebook?


  1. いくらですか? (Ikura desu ka?) - How much is it?
  2. 割引してもらえますか? (Waribiki shite moraemasu ka?) - Can I get a discount?
  3. これは何ですか? (Kore wa nan desu ka?) - What is this?
  4. 試着させてください (Shichaku sasete kudasai) - May I try it on?
  5. クレジットカードは使えますか? (Kurejitto kādo wa tsukaemasu ka?) - Can I use a credit card?

Asking for Recommendations

  1. おすすめの観光地はありますか? (Osusume no kankōchi wa arimasu ka?) - Do you have any recommended tourist spots?
  2. おすすめのレストランはありますか? (Osusume no resutoran wa arimasu ka?) - Do you have any recommended restaurants?
  3. どこがおすすめですか? (Doko ga osusume desu ka?) - What do you recommend?
  4. 何が有名ですか? (Nani ga yūmei desu ka?) - What is famous here?
  5. お土産はありますか? (Omiyage wa arimasu ka?) - Do you have any souvenirs?


  1. 助けてください (Tasukete kudasai) - Please help me
  2. 110番に電話してください (Hyaku Jū Ban ni denwa shite kudasai) - Please call 110 (emergency number)
  3. 医者を呼んでください (Isha o yonde kudasai) - Please call a doctor?
  4. 警察に連絡してください (Keisatsu ni renraku shite kudasai) - Please contact the police
  5. 急病人です (Kyūbyōnin desu) - I'm seriously ill


Mastering a few basic Japanese phrases can greatly enhance your travel and tourism experiences in Japan. Locals appreciate the effort to communicate in their language, and it opens doors to deeper cultural connections. Whether it's greetings, basic communication, getting around, ordering food, or dealing with emergencies, these phrases will help you navigate Japan with confidence and respect. Remember, embracing the local language and culture enriches your journey and creates lasting memories. 旅行をお楽しみください (Ryokō o o-tanoshimi kudasai) - Enjoy your trip!

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