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Real life conversation. Get an authentic learning experience

Develop fluency and confidence in conversational Finnish classes with native speakers. Perfect your grammar and build vocabulary in an immersive learning environment.

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Wer'e all about personalized learning. Develop a study plan with a qualified tutor specific to your language goals. Study at your own pace with engaging content to keep you motivated.

Practice speaking Finnish online from any location

Practicing speaking a language can be the hardest part so we bring the language to you. Practice Finnish online at times that fit your schedule. All you need is an internet connection.

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Scheduling classes is easy

Book lessons online at times that suit your schedule. Choose one of our certified Finnish language instructors, access their online diary and select the classes that fit your lifestyle.

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Start with a free or discounted trial class to discuss your language goals and get an evaluation of your language skills and abilities.

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Track your fluency

Enjoy an immersive learning experience with individual analysis after each class. Online Finnish conversation practice is a great way to build total fluency and focus on the core skills of listening and speaking.

Excellent progress... now you're speaking Finnish with real confidence! See you next time...

Speaking - C1 - Advanced
Listening - B2 - Intermediate
Reading - C1 - Advanced
Writing - B1 - Intermediate

Stay motivated and track your progress over time with detailed feedback in line with the Common European Framework of References for Languages. Learn more...

Let's get you talking

Mastering spoken Finnish hinges on conversation practice. It's not just about vocabulary and grammar; it's about building confidence. Engaging in real conversations in Finnish is your ticket to cultural understanding and genuine fluency.

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Excellent resource for language learning and conversation practice! There are so many native speaking teachers to choose from, and the site is very easy to navigate and use. I would recommend Verbalplanet unreservedly.

Tahir Kovačević.

I have had great teachers from all over the world at an affordable price per lesson. Verbalplanet makes me thrilled to learn more languages in the comfort of my own home.

Marzio Guttuso.

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